The Importance of Personal Strategic Planning

In the business world organizations use strategic planning as a way to outline how they plan to strategically progress towards their desired goals. A strategic approach is simply a way of looking at multiple ways of accomplishing a goal or objective and evaluating the pro’s and con’s of each.

A strategic approach also encourages you to develop a backup plan so that if your initial plan doesn’t work, you can quickly switch to your plan B with a minimum of loss or down time. This is one of the key benefits to strategic planning.

Most companies and people start out by identifying a goal and working towards achieving their goal without doing much (if any) advanced planning. This is an approach that will get you moving and it is better than not having a goal and not doing anything at all but to make real progress you will need to put more
effort into it.

When it comes to putting more effort into it that can be done in one of two ways. The first way is that you can just add more physical effort and keep trying harder. The second way is by investing more time into planning before hand so that you can get a better understanding of exactly what has to be done and how it needs to be done.

When there’s more than one good way to accomplish the goal that’s when it can be very beneficial to plan strategically. By planning strategically you look at both the pro’s and the con’s of each approach and your able to select the best approach based on your analysis of the two.

As a safe guard and to increase your odds of success you’ll want to develop a backup plan so that if a unexpected or unforeseen problem does arise you have a backup plan to implement. And perhaps more importantly, is that you’re in a planning and problem solving frame of mind and you keeping your attention and efforts focused on
achieving your goals regardless of what problems arise.

So to do personal strategic planning effectively you need to

1.) identify your goals and

2.) create a plan to achieve your goals

3.) you also think about alternative ways of achieving your goals

4.) you develop a backup plan and you stay committed to the achievement of your goal.

By developing a personal strategic plan the effectively includes all four of the above elements you will greatly increase the likely hood of you achieving your key or major goals in life. By working from a plan on a daily basis this can become one of the most beneficial habits that you can develop to help you create a life that you will be truly pleased with and eternally proud of as

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